“Because every child has the fundamental right to be themselves.

Free from marks and imposed limitations.

In complete self-confidence and self-management for a succesful life.” 

Jeffrey & Mandy van den Dolder

Every child is Unique. With Unique qualities which makes every child Unique.

Our responsibility as a parent, care-taker, guide is to embrace these Unique qualities and not to limit them.

One of our favorite motto’s is:

Teach children HOW to think instead of WHAT to think …

In other words; Don’t tell them what they can’t do and what they have to do, instead tell them what is possible, what they can learn and ask WHAT THEY want to know …

After working as a professional in (special) education, youth psychiatry, youth welfare and addiction care and working in our own treatment- and educationcentre in Holistic healing, we can safely say that the current system is failing. Being parents to two fantastic children we see blossom every day outside of the schoolsystem, we only feel stronger about this statement.

Our children recorded a special guided meditation to compliment this program to help other children. You can also order this meditation seperately…

The new generation is damaged, labeled, dependend and reactive.

Children carry burdens such as:





Attachment Disorder

Concentration Disorder

Performance Anxiety

and so on …

The child lives his/her labels and is treated accordingly by the system.

‘No, you can’t., because …’ 

Instead of;

What do YOU WANT to learn?

How do you REALLY feel?

What do you believe about yourself?

What does YOUR LIFE look like in 5 years?

In short:

Show children their inner strength!

Free from labels and limitations.

In their own Unique qualities.

Show them that they are perfect and that they can learn, do and be whatever they would like.

This program gives the children insight and self-management.

With believe and Self-Confidence.

Everything they need for a succesful life.

Do you work with children and would you like to have a great group lesson regarding building up Self-Management, Self-Respect and Self-Confidence?