Hi there, we are Jeffrey & Mandy van den Dolder …

And we are two very down-to-earth people from the beautiful eastern part of the Netherlands, but we have been lving in exotic Costa Rica these past two and a half years.

It is our absolute passion to help as many children, like yourself, discover how truly magnificent they are and what they are truly capable of. Because that is who you are! A truly magnificent being, capable of the most wonderful things in life!

We have been working in our own treatment- and trainingcenter in Energetic Holistic Healing these past 10 years, but we both wanted to progress into the personal development area in the fields of mindset, manifesting and consciousness.

Words we live by are, ‘what you think, you will become’ and there is so much more truth to it than you might think now. And so we decided to go and study with the best in the field, mister Bob Proctor. It is partly because of his lessons that our lives took a turn for the best and it is exactly that which we want to share with you now at this young age. Because, you too can have everything you really want to be, have and do!


Jeffrey van den Dolder

Finn & Noah

My name is Jeffrey van den Dolder, or Jeff in short for everyone who knows me. I am a father of two fantastic young adventurers, a son Finn and a daughter Noah. I am married to Mandy van den Dolder

I worked as a teacher and behaviour-expert in both education and youth-psychiatry. But, my displeasure about the whole school system got worse up to a point I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

After searching high and low to come up with a solution, I found it in the teachings of above mentioned Bob Proctor and a lot of other teachers like Neville Goddard, Earl Nightingale and so on… I found out that whatever you experience in life, you have thought it up in your head first! That’s when I knew that if you reverse the process you can litterally create life the way you want it to be!

And I see it now with my own children. They can do anything they want! They know that what you frequently think about will eventually show up in your reality. And this goes for everything, from the way you think about yourself to what you want to experience on a daily basis! And it works!

Now I want to teach you about the magic in your own mind and how to work with it.

Mandy van den Dolder

My name is Mandy van den Dolder and I am the mother of Finn & Noah. I have been working together with Jeff in our own company for 12 years now and I worked as a therapist, online coach and masseuse. I am convinced that whatever you think about most will ultimately become your entire life.

When Finn & Noah were in school I could see they were not very happy. I had to come and ‘have a talk’ with the teacher almost every day because ‘it didn’t work’ with my children. I sat in the principal’s office so many times and I just knew it wasn’t because of my son & daughter that it didn’t work. They were simply not seen or heard for who they truly are! I am sure you recognise this part.

When we learned about mindset, manifesting and consciousness, I just knew that this was the missing link in the school system. Every child has a talent, every child is unique. We, as parents, teachers and grown ups in general just need to get out of the way and guide them as well as possible.

Our son & daughter thrive every day by using their magical mind the way it is intended to. And they get things done! I really want that for as many children we can possibly reach. Life is truly what YOU make it! Join us!


Jeffrey: jeffrey@mindset-superheroes.com

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Mandy: mandy@mindset-superheroes.com

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